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Epping Forest Blackberry Tart

wild blackberriesWe wandered around Epping Forest for a whole afternoon, sweeping out the cobwebs from the corners of our lives. It was good to be out in the sunshine and the breeze, amongst the rustling of leaves and tall hot grass and chirping birds. We laughed and talked, stopping only enough to pick and eat early wild blackberries* till our fingers were covered with layers of sticky sweetness and our appetites were satiated.

Then flinging ourselves under the shade of spreading trees, we abandoned the fight against gravity and succumbed to the drowsy summer heat.

wild blackberry tartWhen we got home in the evening and were clean and refreshed from cold showers, I made us a “rustic tart” from the abundance of ripe fruit.

“To companionship! To Christ! To He who controls all things!”.

We ate together.

Soon the coddling warmth of summer will cool to autumn, and then the darkness of winter will not be far behind.

*not against Epping Forest by-laws, although people have interpreted foraging for wild mushrooms as contravening the same

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