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Jim Jarmusch’s “Only Lovers Left Alive” and “Coffee and Cigarettes”

February 27, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Really liked Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive (facebook, IMDb) this evening at Genesis Cinema‘s £3.50 Wednesday showing. Like his Coffee and Cigarettes (IMDb), it was best enjoyed without expectation of a plot or character development, by just revelling in the mood and atmosphere of the film.

So, like Jozef Van Wissem & SQÜRL’s Taste of Blood x port x Valrhona Guanaja 70%

Brought back good memories of Coffee and Cigarettes with its black-and-white trope – in cinematography, in race of its actors, in tiles in different vignettes etc. That was delicious in its portrayal of alienated people who were not alone but were lonely: the use of background coffeehouse music emphasised the uncomfortable silent pauses of two people who met so eagerly and were intent on increasing the intimacy of their relationship but, sadly, failed to connect even as they conversed. The closest they got was the mutual clinking of coffee cups. And then, more often than not, one person would get left behind at the table when the other awkwardly and clumsily said their goodbyes (or just fell asleep) – alone with his/her thoughts and secrets and frustrations.

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