Hearer Response

January 19, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

A bit of a crazy week again, but thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks to the great support (nagging) from everyone around, managed to put in a good number of hours of prep for teaching Romans, and Philippians, and Ephesians, and also for speaking on Isaiah 7.

mis en place for talk prepIt was also a week of surviving on pre-packed meals (on discount at the local Marks & Sparks) and fast food, and very little sleep.

So much joy in having these opportunities to proclaim God’s word. And so much comfort in knowing that faithfulness is key, not so much hearer response (though of course feedback needs to be considered humbly).

Funny how polarised reaction to the same study or talk can be. As we went through a Bible study, and the Word started to get into some minds, people started to say, wide-eyed:”Oh my, this is huge! This is huge! This means I really need to…”. For a group of mostly British people, this reaction was huge. But after the study, one guy came up to say angrily that he never understood anything I taught and wanted to change groups. (He was French.)

curry laksahot stuff

The reactions to the Isaiah 7 talk too had representatives on both ends of the spectrum. Both groups could articulate the main point. One group was taken by the unusual structure and thought this method of delivery required great skill. The humour and visual colour kept them on the edge of their seat for 20 minutes. They could listen to this sort of thing all day. The other group complained that because they were waiting for the usual 3 headings, they couldn’t hear a word I said and didn’t get anything from the talk. This structural failure was so bad that one person said she didn’t think that I’d spoken on the first few verses though the people with her said I’d actually spent 5 minutes on them (and I had).

Need to work harder to get God’s word into God’s people!

yoghurt with strawberries and blueberries

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