Another Christmas Dinner!

post-Christmas roast dinner

roasted beef bone marrow with caramelised onions roast beef (topside)

It was good to meet a group of Malaysians visiting London. They were elders of a little church in Johor Bahru and we had good chats about local issues. Then we had a stranded Brit to stay. She couldn’t get home because of the flooding around her house – loads to chat about living as a Christian in the workplace, and about love and marriage.

There is great joy in meeting fellow brothers and sisters for the first time and finding that, because of our common paternity, we are able, almost straight off, to speak intimately about various things (with or without several glasses of champagne).

(It was interesting to observe the vastly different food preferences of ethnic types/backgrounds: the Asians disliked cheese and cured meats, wanted only very little beef and carbs but very much preferred their meat well-done, and shunned dessert, mulled wine, and mincepies (“too sweet!”). Unfortunately, the host who has often been called a “banana” (yellow on the outside, white on the inside) by the Asian crowd hadn’t thought about this. Happily though, the said host accidentally stayed around chatting in church for far too long so the pot roast did emerge well-done afterall.)

For my own information – cost of Christmas dinner for 12 (£2.12 per person):
British beef topside (1.5kg) £13.55 (Waitrose, discounted)
Brussel sprouts on stalk (x3) £2.09 (Waitrose, discounted)
Smoked lardons £1.93 (Waitrose)
Carrots and parsnips £0.88 (Asda)
Bacon and sausage for pigs in blankets (£2.00) (Lidl)
Roast potatoes with goose fat £2.99 (Waitrose, discounted)
Yorkshire pudding £1.00 (Aldi)
Marrow £1.00 (Waitrose)

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