Mass Meals for Guests and N00bs

For once in my self-centered life, I’ve been arrowed to play the role of The Concerned Parent to the new associates and random guests. This has meant welcoming newbies, co-ordinating moves, settling people into flats, introducing various individuals, explaining how things work and hints on hacking London, making many beds, enduring hugs and kisses, and cooking big meals to sustain everyone in their packing/unpacking/unsuccessful bank runs.

Because i myself was running around so much and so also to allow for the fullest freedom for newbies and guests, the house menu consisted mainly of large quantities of food left in the fridge to be spooned out and re-heated whenever individuals were peckish; tummy-fillers not haute cuisine nor even experiments to satisfy morbid curiosity:
pork sausage bologanesepork sausage bolognese. I begged the Italians to cook their own pasta, since I wouldn’t be able to do it justice. But they sniffed and said that it was impossible to cook good pasta here in London because the pasta and the water were wrong;

beef stew in an enamel roasterbeef stew – overcooked the meat because I was in a good old yabber with one of the guests. But it seems that if you then dump the lot in the oven for some time with a glug of red wine, the meat relaxes again;

dense chocolate loaf cake + extra thick cream + strawberry and redcurrant coulisdense chocolate loaf cake with extra thick cream and homemade strawberry and redcurrant coulis. Malaysians were happy to have this for dessert. Good for unexpected Aussies, Canadians, and Englishmen, and other random drop-ins at teatime. French guests liked this for breakfast.

Ah, the start of the academic year. Greatly encouraged by the Rector’s welcome talk at staff meeting a few days ago, on 1 Corinthians 12 and John 15; we can all read the Bible and understand it for ourselves, but it’s always helpful when someone who has lived a little longer points out how God’s word applies to one’s own situation.

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