Lamb “Tagine”

lamb "tagine"

Have been experimenting with Sunday lunch food – stuff that can be prepared beforehand and heated at the relevant time or left to cook in the oven at a low setting until people troop back from the morning meeting. A hot (especially since London’s summer heat appears to have slunk away rather suddenly) ready-cooked meal at someone’s home would be a good opportunity for new people to meet the rest of the crew and for all to carry on chatting about things learned from God’s word that morning.

Unfortunately, the number of people we can have over will have to be directly proportional to the size of our cookware, the largest of which currently is this enamel roaster tin.

Happily, the “tagine” worked in ye olde trusty tin – the lamb was literally fall-off-bone tender (said a visiting Melbournian who had obviously watched enough cooking programmes on telly) and fairly flavourful, but perhaps the stew needed a bit less boiling water. By no means refined food, but will feed the hungry and not distract people from the business at hand.

lamb "tagine"

Lamb “Tagine”

lamb neck (cheapest cut: scrag end*)
ground ginger
ground cumin
ground coriander
saffron threads
dried chilli
tomato paste
anchovy and black olive paste
Marmite XO

marinate, brown, top with boiling water, then chuck in oven at 170 for 3 hours. serve with couscous.

*a stewing cut that’s difficult to find in summer when all stewing cuts are boned-off (butcher’s term, not mine) into burgers. Used lamb shoulder in this experiment.

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