Summer Camp

summer camp venue room for talks, summer camps
red leader booklets, summer camp summer camp
double decker beds, summer camp camp beds, summer camp
table football, summer camp news of royal baby, summer camp
Country Life magazines, summer camp summer camp
catapult, summer camp treehouse, summer camp
padder courts, summer camp night swim, summer camp
crocker, summer camp

Thank God for magnificent schoolgrounds for our campsite, sunshine, running barefoot on the lawn, reaching the finals in the padder tournament, the patient cheerfulness of ALs with the demise of Hobie the Hobart industrial dishwasher, a comfortable leaders’ room, loads of fun and laughter, the happy news of the arrival of the royal baby, very decent food thanks to a team of cooks, even more nourishing spiritual food from the main talks and focus talks and Bible studies, being able to get alongside ALs to teach and encourage and edify because there is no sin that is uncommon to man, the Book of Colossians on continuing in the Christian life, ALs being comfortable enough to insert my name into popular tunes and sing them over (and over and over) the course of several days – in a bid to irritate, good honest chats by lakes and sitting atop castles looking at the sea, ALs being so happy to see the last of me that there was a chase round the pub as i attempted to avoid their bear hugs/rugby tackles, loads of prayer to start and end the day and at needful times in-between, numerous encouraging postcards/cards received at just the right time during camp, clean clothes thanks to people doing the laundry, realising again that God has deliberately entrusted the treasure of his gospel to jars of clay…

porridge for breakfast, summer camp bacon and eggs for breakfast, summer camp
waffles for breakfast, summer camp croissants for breakfast, summer camp
pancakes for breakfast, summer camp bologanese, summer camp
lasagne and peas, summer camp meatballs and jacket potatoes, summer camp
banoffee pie, summer camp hot cocoa, summer camp

Still loads to learn and repent of, but what a privilege and what a joy to serve Christ and bring glory to him in this way.

Hobie the Hobart machine, summer camp washing colourful plastic cups, summer camp
Hurst Castle, summer camp Hurst Castle, summer camp
talk summaries, summer camp white toy cat as idol, summer camp
industrial washing machines, summer camp dry racks, summer camp

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