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Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique, Teleportation

Following "Symphonie Fantastique" Hector Berlioz, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Southbank Centre, London

The Yorkshire Man and i were at Southbank Centre for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s Sunday afternoon performance of Liszt’s Les preludes symphonic poem, Bruch’s Violin Concerto No. 1 in G minor, and Berlioz’s Symphonie fantastique. i was keen to listen to Vadim Repin live again and the Yorkshire Man wanted to re-live the Berlioz. This is the view from the cheap seats in the Choir.

At dinner, we were arguing about teleportation – he arguing that this could only exist in the realm of science fiction because of the grandfather paradox problem and i dismissing this as irrelevant to the possibility of the idea becoming reality. Further, he failed to realise that his concept of how teleportation could work was hopelessly outdated in light of the possible quantum entanglement solution.

But i do wonder if teleportation, even of the replication variety, would help with time management. As i was hastily typing the previous paragraphs, texts were buzzing through – from someone working in Westminster asking to talk about a certain aspect of politics, from the father of a hospitalised housemate, and from a sick theological student about dinner… How can/should one “manage” one’s love for people and the time one spends caring for them?

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