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Spring at Battersea Park

Tentatively optimistic that spring has finally arrived in London.

The other day, at Battersea Park, to complement the relatively warm sunshine, there were deep blue skies, and soft green grass for lying on with mates or with a book,

Spring at Battersea Park, London

Spring at Battersea Park, London

and dogs chasing ducks into the pond, and other dogs pulling skate-scooter-mounted little ‘uns along in the glow of the setting sun,
Spring at Battersea Park, London

Spring at Battersea Park, London

and would-be footballers training just outside the shade of flowering trees.
Spring at Battersea Park, London

A crazy week back after the Easter holidays: two talks, six bible studies, numerous birthday parties and socials. Assessments on talks and bible studies went fairly well – have apparently been faithful to Scripture (the all important thing) and engaging and clear in communication, with the points for improvement being stylistic (suggestions that there be 3 headings versus my preferred one big point, being clear about these headings (ie. “I will be talking about 3 points today” versus my thinking that it is more helpful to the hearers that the passage is preached rather than merely a talk given on it). There was also slight discomfort about my speaking without notes – but am uncomfortable preaching from notes because i’d end up merely reading out the notes rather than speaking to the audience. Plus, freed from having to handle extra bits of paper, i can hold the Bible in one hand and gesticulate with the other).

Still, thank God i haven’t been too much of a waste of space at the School and the Church, and might even be helping to build up the body of Christ. Also, have been asked to consider teaching people how to teach the Bible to others. Would love to be involved in such work since faithful teaching of God’s word (the basis for this being that God does intend to say something to us in his Bible, and that through careful study and with the help of the Spirit we can understand what he wants to communicate) is absolutely fundamental to the whole of the Christian life. But since i’m still in training and there’s so much more to learn, feel quite incompetent to do so other than on a very tender-shoot-pushing-through-muck basic level, with numerous nervous caveats.

Spring at Battersea Park, London

Yet, cheesy but with a ring of truth; possibly meant for a different context but used here in a heedlessly reckless manner:

What a wonderous time is spring, when all the trees are budding
The birds begin to sing, the flowers start their blooming
That’s how it is with God’s love, once you’ve experienced it
It’s bright as spring, I want to sing,
I want to pass it on.

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