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A Good Week In The Life Of…

January 24, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

An absolutely fantastic last week.

Sunday Fry-up
Last Sunday: post-morning service Sunday fry-up with Oakhillers and very good chats about studying theology and life. Then a student worker popped round for post-evening service supper and a discussion about challenges faced by overseas students returning to their home countries and how we can help them prepare for the inevitable re-entry;

Monday: met a brand-new Christian to look at Titus 2 and living God’s way;

Tuesday: good chat with Rico Tice-the-evangelist on the theology of evangelism – good to know that my thinking, though not quite conventional, wasn’t quite far off from his at all;

Remnants of brownie
Wednesday: finally managed to bake up good cranberry and pecan brownies for the bible study group to celebrate the happiness of Mark 8:11-30 – that the God who healed the blind man opens our blind eyes to see who Jesus really is – saviour, Lord, and God;

Pasta sauce
Thursday: the SLOB group came over to look at the cost of following Jesus (Mark 8:31 ff) – expensive but a bargain;

Friday: met someone for lunch to talk about God’s purpose for humanity and therefore our purpose in life. Then, karaoke in a Chinese restaurant with Nigeria’s Finest and Loyal Entourage, where the birthday boy gatecrashed another birthday party;

Snowy Oxford Snowy Oxford
Snowy Oxford Snowy Oxford
Snowy Oxford

Saturday: in Oxford to see friends. Talked about plans for mission and missional churches;

Nando's Costa Coffee and Large Biscuits

Sunday: good chat with various South Africans, very long lunch with partnership group members sharing lives and encouraging each other from the Book of James;
Snow ball fight
an excellent snowball fight before evening service and two magnificent ones after, and wet chats about marriage from Genesis 2-3.

Really enjoying all the opportunities to proclaim the excellencies of Christ in various circumstances.

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