Intentional Meals

November 4, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Very Full Roast Vegetable Tart Rocket, spinach, strawberry, mozarella pearls salad
Untitled French toast, double cream, maple syrup

Had some associates over for brunch to discuss theology training. Other than to supplement our diet of mystery meat and sausage bake, the objective of the meet-up was three-fold:

  1. to enable those who did not quite understand what’d transpired or who had been absent, to catch-up;
  2. because theology training isn’t merely academic – to, through discussion, synthesise this knowledge and tease out the practical implications; and
  3. to provide a forum for mutual encouragement – our sinfulness, the roaring lion prowling at the door (1 Peter 5:8), the dialectic nature of associate training scheme, might encourage selfish competitiveness amongst us, with everyone comparing themselves against their neighbour and feeling either superior or inferior. But if we do ministry for God’s glory, not our own (and indeed our lives are lived for his glory, not our own), then we must want to encourage and build up others, not being concerned that their ministry might, humanly-speaking, exceed our own – being glad, in fact, if it does.

Roast chicken x Pernod x clementines
In the same way, have been considering how to boost the ministries and build up the godliness of the housemates. It would be easy to cook for them on their busy nights or bake gluten-free goodies for the coelic as an excuse to try out new recipes or to show-off cooking skillz (not quite applicable in my case) or to build rapport and make them like me. I should, rather, make the most of the snatched minutes over a meal, to help them to love and obey God more and be more useful in the work he has given us to do.

Cranberry and pecan brownie

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