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Société Canteen, Cluny Court

Société Canteen, Cluny Court Société Canteen, Cluny Court

Société Canteen (facebook. 501 Bukit Timah Road, Cluny Court, #01-05B) provided a nice quiet place for a read before joining friends for dinner and then the tragic men’s finals at Wimbledon.

Water filter, Société Canteen, Cluny Court In case of emergency tip jar, Société Canteen, Cluny Court
Cookie jars, Société Canteen, Cluny Court Cookies, Société Canteen, Cluny Court
Flat white, Société Canteen, Cluny Court Cupcakes, Société Canteen, Cluny Court

Filtered water for the Synpresso. Beans in the Mazzer grinder were from Papa Palheta – the all-new Terra Firma blend. Cookies in the jars were 3 for S$2. The girls did an ok job with the baguette sandwiches but I’d return for the familiar coffee blend at a convenient location.

Baguette Sandwich, Société Canteen, Cluny CourtThey also sell designer energy-saving Plumen bulbs, T2 Tea (also sold in Tangs), and the artwork on the walls.

Funny thing about seeing Ashley Khoo’s “The Ruins of Mona Lisa”(?) on the wall. In attempting to explain why a good preacher is determined by how good a steward he is of God’s word, the writers of The Archer and The Arrow, Phillip D. Jensen and Paul Grimmond have this to say:

The Mona Lisa is probably the world’s most famous painting. It currently resides in a purpose-built, bullet-proof case in the Louvre. It is considered so precious that it has only been exhibited outside of the Louvre twice in the last century. In 1963, it was displayed for a time in the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., and then in the spring of 1974 it was hung in the Tokyo National Museum.

Can you imagine what might have happened if those responsible for delivering the painting decided that the Mona Lisa was a little short of artistic merit? What if they had whipped out a brush in transit and added a nice floral pattern to the border or updated the dress to the duck-egg blue fashion of the day? “We thought it was a little dreary and we wanted to brighten it up a little.” This would not have been an acceptable excuse. Their job wasn’t to improve the painting, but to deliver it in its original condition.

How much more with the word of God!

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