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French Food On Purvis Street

Saveur, 5 Purvis Street Interior, Saveur, 5 Purvis Street
Interior, Saveur, 5 Purvis Street Blackboard and lights, Saveur, 5 Purvis Street

The crowds are crazy at Saveur (facebook, 5 Purvis Street) now and understandably, they do not take reservations, but when it first relocated here from Ali Baba coffeeshop, we managed to cop some nosh:

Angel Hair Pasta With Sherry Minced Pork And Sakura Ebi. Saveur, 5 Purvis Street Pan Fried Foie Gras With Lentil And Pickled Onion. Saveur, 5 Purvis Street
Pan Fried Wagyu Beef Rum With Shallot Puree And Mushroom Ragout, Saveur, 5 Purvis Street

The flavours in the angel hair pasta with sherry minced pork and Sakura ebi were very well-balanced and the pasta was rightly al dente; enjoyed the combination of lentils and pickled onion with pan-fried foie gras though would have like a little more crisp crust on the liver; not sure if they still do their beef sous vide but the mushroom ragout did help replace any lack of proper caramelisation on the cow.

Just across the road at Gunther’s (36 Purvis Street):

Bread, Gunther's, 36 Purvis Street Cold angel hair pasta, Oscietra caviar. Gunther's, 36 Purvis Street

The complimentary mini baguette bread and salty butter were delicious. Then we went on to shared portions of very delicious cold angel hair pasta topped with oscietra caviar.

For a fairly reasonable S$38++, the weekday set lunch offered:

Lunch set menu: Cold pasta, tomato, Spanish ham. Gunther's, 36 Purvis Street Lunch set menu: Vegetable tempura mix, sunny side up egg. Gunther's, 36 Purvis Street
Set lunch menu: Carpaccio beef, parmesan, balsamic. Gunther's, 36 Purvis Street

for appetisers: (1) cold pasta, tomato, Spanish ham; or (2) vegetable tempura mix, sunny side up egg; or (3) carpaccio beef, parmesan, balsamic;

Set lunch menu: Brochette of seafood, Provençale style. Gunther's, 36 Purvis Street Set lunch menu: beef. Gunther's, 36 Purvis Street

for mains: (1) brochette of seafood, Provençale style; (2) Gunther’s special: beef;

Set lunch menu: Lemon sorbet, Gunther's, 36 Purvis Street Untitled
Cappucino, Gunther's, 36 Purvis Street Petit fours. Gunther's, 36 Purvis Street

for dessert: a refreshing bit of tart lemon sorbet, then petit fours with coffee or tea.

There was some discussion about “Günter” being distinctly German, and about the lack of French theologians, until it was pointed out that John Calvin of Geneva was actually Jean Cauvin from France. While Institutes of the Christian Religion is useful for articulating doctrines from the basis of Scripture, Richard Baxter profers, to preachers/pastors, a thoughtful corrective on things of less eternal significance, however intellectually interesting:

Men’s souls may be saved without knowing whether God did predetermine the creature in all its acts; whether the understanding necessarily determines the will; whether God works grace in a physical or in a moral way of causation; what freewill is; whether God have scientiam mediam [mediate knowledge] or positive decrees concerning the blame for evil deeds; and a hundred similar questions, which are probably things you would be studying when you should be saving souls. Get well to heaven, and help your people thither, and you shall know all these things in a moment, and a thousand more, which now, by all your studies, you can never know; and is this not the most expeditious and certain way to knowledge? (Baxter, The Reformed Pastor)

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