Print Gocco in Singapore

A happy afternoon messing around with the Gocco printer. (Monster Gallery‘s session by Joseph Chiang (via BooksActually) came just as i was directed to ask Su Lin of Pupsik Studio about her printer.) The thick smell of ink in an enclosed space and the murmur of people working at art made me a little nostalgic for childhood Saturday afternoons spent learning Chinese brush painting (and a lot of gossip about the Singapore art scene) from a very nice couple, one of whom was eventually awarded the Cultural Medallion, much to our amusement.

Pencils, Print Gocco Micron Pen
Print Gocco Inks, Pencils, Pens Easter Card Design, Print Gocco
Print Gocco Prints

This method of printing is quite simple; it was access to a Gocco printer i really wanted:

1. Draw design with [Micron] pen on a piece of paper.
2. Move over to the printer. Cover the printing pad with a piece of paper.
3. Insert screen (red arrow first) into printer.
4. Insert two new flash bulbs into head.
5. Place design onto paper-covered printing pad.
6. Close lid and press down. The bulbs with expend their lives with a bright flash.
7. The design should have been transferred to the screen.
8. Keep the design on, flip open the plastic film and put a good amount of ink on the screen.
9. Return to the printer, insert the inked screen, place target card on printing pad, press lid to print.
10. Leave prints to dry.

Cleaning the Print Gocco ScreenTo clean screen, scrape off excess ink with a scrap card first, then wipe with a bit of Gocco ink remover, turn it around and wipe other side once with dry tissue. Clean the plastic sheet with wet wipes.

P3172490 P3172489
P3172483 P3172484
P3172487 P3172486
P3172485 P3172488
P3172480 P3172481
P3172482 The Orange Thimble, Eng Hoon Street, Tiong Bahru

After, we moseyed down to The Orange Thimble for our first meal of the day at 5.30pm,

Flat White, The Orange Thimble, Eng Hoon Street, Tiong Bahru Espresso Con Panna, The Orange Thimble, Eng Hoon Street, Tiong Bahru
English Breakfast, The Orange Thimble, Eng Hoon Street, Tiong Bahru Breakfast Roll, The Orange Thimble, Eng Hoon Street, Tiong Bahru
Avocado and gula melaka shake, The Orange Thimble, Eng Hoon Street, Tiong Bahru Sandwich, The Orange Thimble, Eng Hoon Street, Tiong Bahru

and a chat and/or laugh about typography, the font of Singapore street signs, teaching people to really Look at their surroundings, the relationship between typography and architecture, Simon Garfield’s Just My Type (a book about fonts), cross-cultural communications, and silly interpretations of each other’s prints from the afternoon. (And, apparently i am a one-person peanut gallery.)

Despite the problems in determining culture-specific indications of “no!”, words are still far more effective tools of communication than visuals. The Draw Something app (+ fat fingers on an iPhone not an iPad) wouldn’t have provided so many hours of entertainment if trying to understand what the other person was attempting to communication didn’t involve so much guesswork (sometimes!):

KFC, Draw Something Scotland, Draw Something
Bon Jovi, Draw Something Director, Draw Something
Macarena, Draw Something
Twilight, Draw Something Avengers, Draw Something
Furby, Draw Something Kirby, Draw Something
Dumbo, Draw Something Koopa, Draw Something
Avatar, Draw Something Spinach, Draw Something
Beavis, Draw Something App Adele, Draw Something App
Timeout, Draw Something App Shrek, Draw Something App

And as i was protesting the interpretations imposed on my design by friends (both old and very new), it occurred to me that the Bible featured in my print, taken by them as representing faith or purity, is actually the primary means chosen by God to reveal himself to humans. We are not left with the task of trying to guess at God’s will for us from dodgy visions or shifty dreams (if any); the Bible is accessible to all and tells us clearly our place in this world and how we are to live – we can enjoy our coffee and tea and sweets because they are all good gifts from God, we can love in a way that we were built to love, we know who God is and how to please him. Next time, i should adopt the imagery of Psalm 119:150:

Your word is a lamp for my feet,
a light on my path.

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