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Homemade Radish Cake. David’s Star Ascends.

Homemade steamed Radish ("carrot") Cake Homemade steamed Radish ("carrot") Cake
Homecooked Rice Porridge Homemade steamed Radish ("carrot") Cake and mysterious ABC Chilli Sauce

A tender-textured, flavourful, hot-from-wok radish cake accompanied by mysterious chilli sauce with a hint of garlic. A shih-tzu rabidly licking my toes in lieu of a sought-after table snack. A mother feeding the kid’s piano teacher, and the one reading 2 Samuel with her godkid.

Over dinner (second dinner for some), we discussed what happened in the aftermath of Saul’s death: an Amalekite runs up to David and presents him with Saul’s crown and armlet, claiming that he killed Saul. But we’ve already been told in 1 Samuel that Saul occasioned his own death by falling on his sword, so the Amalekite was most likely lying, expecting that David’s aim was to be king and so this news of Saul’s death would bring great cheer to him, and its instigator richly rewarded. Unfortunately, for now, David still has a right fear of the LORD and gives the Amalekite his just reward for killing God’s anointed: he has him executed.

A while later, we meet a pair of murderers who go into Ish-bosheth’s house on the pretext of getting some wheat, kill him while he’s taking a mid-day snooze, and then bring his head to David. The clowns think that they will be rewarded for having killed Saul’s remaining son (whom Abner made king over Israel). They make the same fatal mistake as the Amalekite in thinking that David is like any other ruler, desperate for power, authority, and the crown.

Together with Joab’s murder of Abner for killing Joab’s brother in battle, we are reminded that the chaotic, lawless, every-man-did-as-he-pleased days of the Judges are not far behind.

Now that the people of God have rejected God and demanded a fancy human king, just like the neighbours’, to lead them into battle, the best we can hope for is that the king be god-fearing and not bring about Israel the curses that God had promised if the people did not live as they should. So far David has shown that he is such a king – he does not see the throne as something to be grasped at, nor does he have the pretensions of the sort of king Samuel warned the people about.

But even though David is so much better than Saul, his obedient righteousness does not last…

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