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Very Full Roasted Vegetable Tart and Isaiah 1-5

Very Full Vegetable Tart
I made Yotam Ottolenghi‘s Very Full Roasted Vegetable Tart (except it wasn’t, really). We helped finish all the beer in the house (and a dusty crate of ginger beer which had been “laid down” for 2 years past its stated expiry), argued about the possibility of Neil Gaiman and Slavoj Žižek being Wandering Jews, discussed The Real and civility in civil society, lay around and sang along while others played rock hits from the 1990s badly on ukeleles (while other others drummed tabletops), until someone hit up The Bedroom Philosopher whom we promptly loved.

Then i got home and leaned on David Jackman (who better? from his enlightening Teaching Isaiah) for Bible study questions on Isaiah:
Isaiah 1:1-31
1. Isaiah 1:2-4. What are the charges God brings against his people, to which he summons the whole creation to listen? Why are they so important?

2. Isaiah 1:5-9. What is Judah’s national predicament? Why has all this happened? Why is that a shock?

3. Isaiah 1:10-17. What is it about Judah’s religion which disgusts and angers God? What does this reveal of their true state before him?

4. Isaiah 1:18-20. These verses match the problem outlined in verses 16-17. What is the solution? What is Judah’s choice?

5. Isaiah 1:21-26. What do these verses reveal of God’s big picture agenda both in the present and the future? What is his ultimate goal?

6. Isaiah 1:27-31. What is the future for those who persist in their rebellion and what is the alternative?

Isaiah 2 – 4
1. Isaiah 2:1-5. Unpack the ingredients of this glorious future vision for Jerusalem. Why is the actual situation such a contrast?

2. Isaiah 2:6-9. Why has God abandoned his people?

3. Isaiah 2:10-22. Why must God’s judgement fall on the whole human race? Why is Judah no different and what should she do about it?

4. Isaiah 3:1-15. How does God seek to bring his people to their senses? What evidence does he produce to undergird his righteous actions?

5. Isaiah 3:16-4:1. What is the heart of God’s controversy with the women of Zion? Why is there so much detail in these verses?

6. Isaiah 4:2-6. As we return to the ideal city (cf 2:1-5), what are the blessings which the Branch of the LORD will bestow? How does this relate to Christ and ourselves?

Isaiah 5:1-30
1. Isaiah 5:1-7. Why is God’s vineyard the subject of this lament? What has gone wrong? What is going to happen?

2. Isaiah 5:8-25. Look through each of the “woes”, beginning at verses 8, 11, 18, 20, 21, 22. Each one is a pronouncement of judgement, but what is the essence of each offence and what is the nature of God’s response?

3. Isaiah 5:26-30. What response is the detailed description of the Assyrian invasion intended to evoke from the hearers? (Consider the New Testament greater parallels, eg. Mark 9:43-48; Luke 12:4-5; Revelation 20:10-15)

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