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Last Wedding of 2011

December 18, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Christmas at Flutes at the Fort Flutes at the Fort
Flutes at the Fort Flutes at the Fort
Flutes at the Fort Flutes at the Fort

Held off the flight to Perth to celebrate the wedding of an old friend at Flutes at the Fort in Singapore. Incredibly happy for him – if anything, one might say he deserved happiness – he has always been a sincere and honest chap, unique amongst his peers in the competitive law school he attended for being generous with advice and notes, yet always made the dean’s list. (He was also one of the few people i could discuss scintillating details of different performances/interpretations of certain pieces of classical music – but that’s a moot point.)

During his last visit, we spoke about his relationship with his then-girlfriend and i was pleased to know how seriously he was considering marriage and how they had been reading the Bible together to be clear what their roles were within the relationship instituted by God, and whether they were compatible and able to undertake this life-long commitment. i’d then shipped over Christopher Ash’s Married for God which he assured me had been duly read.

It’ll be exciting to hear how they are growing together in the years ahead. 🙂

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