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Day Seven of a 24-day “Advent Calendar”

December 10, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

T’was 12:50am on Day Seven, when an SMS rattled in:”CSW, congrats n welcome to the CSW world!”.

The deadly combination of studying, sporadically, only the topics that interested me (France, Italy) + innumerable stupid mistakes i was all too keenly aware of when the proctor told us to put down our dulled 2B pencils, it seemed, had not sunk the CSW exam*. Managed to pass with at least 75% (edit: think it was actually a 87% or 89%).

Certified Specialist of Wine Certificate and Lapel Pin from The Society of Wine Educators“What does this mean?” asked a colleague who had been informed of this unexpected turn of events. For now, this means a “certificate (suitable for framing)” and a “CSW lapel pin” in the mail all the way from The Society of Wine Educators in USA, the opportunity to add the “CSW” post-nominal to the paltry number trailing my name, and the chance to bring the name of all more worthy Certified Specialists of Wine into disrepute by asking dazzlingly n00b questions at vintner wine dinners.

Party time, excellent!

From the Vinum Caveau Wine Bazaar*patent stupidity (no, there isn’t an Iberian Sea) aside, i still don’t know, off the top of my head, the relative climates of wine-growing regions in Portugal and Greece, details of Chilean irrigation laws, names of the sub-regions of famous wine-growing places in Italy, classification of wine-growing regions in South Africa, intricate details of some wine-making processes…and despite having spent a lot of time in French territory, the relative tannic values of its grapes…

Vinum Caveau Wine Bazaar, Shaw Centre…and even the stuff i do profess some knowledge of is mired in befuddlement – at the Vinum Caveau Wine Bazaar i said cheerfully to a surprised sales manager concerning the last bottle of Emilio Lustau Tintilla de Rota,”sherry from the solar system”… -.-‘

And when i stumbled at the difference between sweet and dry sherries (because i was thinking of the “Sercial, Verdelho (known in Vinho Verde as Gouveio and in Spain as Godello), Boal (or Bual), Malvasia” sequence of Madeiras from Portugal), at least i could still remember, from last month’s sherry tasting, my fondness for the amontillado (oh wait…or was that the manzinilla…)

(No reflection on teaching ability of Lim Hwee Peng though, who runs courses under the eponymous Lim Hwee Peng School of Wine and provides wine-related services under Winecraft Marketing. While he didn’t exactly spoonfeed us, he was always available despite his own busy schedule to help those who were keen on learning, give extra lessons and pep talks, and generally, meet up for drinks.)

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