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To All The (Thin-crust) Pizzas I’ve Eaten This Year

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To mash up song lyric references, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. But the suspicion is that it would have a crust that is crackly but be thin and pliable enough to be folded, and be able to deliver full flavour with every bite.

Pizza Quattro Stagioni (tomato salsa, ham, mushrooms & artichokes) and Pizza Frutti di Mare (tomato salsa, marinated seafood drizzled with parsley & garlic sauce) from Casa Verde (facebook. Singapore Botanic Gardens Visitors Centre, Cluny Road), thanks to their 1-for-1 offer on takeaways, Mondays to Thursdays. Wood-fired oven but you had to be strategic in division and consumption of ingredients since they were so sparse on the ground.

XXL Pizza, Peperoni Pizza, Binjai ParkTheir sister restaurant in the Les Amis Group, Peperoni Pizzeria (facebook. 6 Greenwood Avenue, Hillcrest Park, 7 Binjai Park, 95 Frankel Avenue), being specialists in the area, provided more ingredients and flavour with every bite (despite the XXL pizza being on discount). Proper use of the wood-fired oven meant you could actually taste a bit of that sought-after smokiness.

Squid Ink Pizza and Ginger Butter Chicken Pizza

Skinny Pizza (facebook. Raffles City Shopping Centre, Wheelock Place, Great World City), part of the Spa Esprit Group, presents their thin-crusts in cast-iron pans. While the ingredients were generous, most were added after the baking (probably allow the base to attain full quesadilla potential), so not integrated with the base, relegating it to merely an easily-shattered crispy utensil for delivering ingredients to the mouth. Still, cracking stuff though we were still hungry after.

12-inch Pizzas & Records (facebook. V Hotel, 70 Jellicoe Road) is part of another group, this time the Timbre Group. Liked the emphasis on geometric similarity between records and pizzas and how the menu was printed on old vinyl and its new sleeve. Groove-y. We went when the place had just opened (there were still ongoing renovations) so they’ve probably sorted this out by now but then, the hoisin bit of the Duck and Hoisin Sauce half of this pizza was overwhelming (though the crispy bits helped temper that a little).

Verve Pizzeria (facebook. formerly at the old Gillman Village, now at Marina Bay, One North, Clarke Quay), is part of the Verve Holdings Group. When you’ve been putting away buckets of cold Pure Blondes by the Singapore river at 2am, and someone has put his little suitcase of poker chips on the table, a hot pizza with salty salami and melted cheese from the mini Verve Pizza Bar at Clarke Quay (open till 4am) is incredibly welcome.

In case anyone was thinking that pizzerias are run by the F&B mafia, there’s Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar (facebook. Holland Village and Upper Thomson), which is not part of a group but a franchisee of the Australian original. Unfortunately, the toppings on the Crust Supreme (Smoked Ham, Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Mushrooms, Fresh Green Peppers, Spanish Onions, Pineapple & Kalamata Olives) were too green and un-integrated to do it for me.

WitBier Cafe (facebook. formerly “Just Beer @ The Atrium”. Now Wit Bier at Kandahar Street, Kampong Glam. 3pm-3am) was a great place for football, a good range of beers and pizza to go along. Sufficient melted cheese, a good spread of ingredients and crispy crust.

Madrinaa Pizza & Pasta (facebook. Blk 3 Queen’s Road, below a block of HDB flats). The half Stresa and half Sorrento the god mother served up was well-endowed with toppings and crispy cornicione.

Pizzeria Mozza (Marina Bay Sands. Nancy Silverton, Mario Batali and Joseph Bastianich) gave us the best tasting crust of all, thanks no doubt to Nancy Silverton’s sourdough expertise. Coupled with crisp exterior and good umami from the tomato base, this was excellent at first but got rather chewy quite quickly and soon our jaws and tastebuds grumbled from exhaustion.

La Nonna, Lorong Mambong, Holland VillageThe eponymous pizza at La Nonna (facebook. Namly Place and Holland Village. Part of…another group – Senso Holdings (Spizza, La Villa)) was delivered on the crust and the black truffle helped to keep the flavours going, a bit more texture in the form of additional topping would have been welcome.

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, it may be amore… perhaps there will be a pizza we can love whole-heartedly next year…

PS: And for the carbs of nostalgia, there’s always the red-checked tablecloth of Rocky’s Pizza & Pasta:

Rocky's Pizza & Pasta Rocky's Pizza & Pasta

PPS: Naturally, i read Serious Eat’s Slice column with much envy.

  1. J
    December 5, 2011 at 5:04 pm


    Stumbled on your blog and have been periodically lurking. Am heartened to find believers who are hung on but not hung up.

    To your post on the search for the perfect pizza, give CM-PB’s Margherita pizza a try? Am no gourmand, more an occassional glutton. Would be interesting to know how many pizza points you’d give it.


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