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Bali Kintamani Peaberry

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Bali Kintamani Peaberry from Papa Palheta's Must. Drink. Coffee. projectWoo! The second batch of drugs from Papa Palheta‘s Must.Drink.Coffee. crew.

Bali Kintamani Peaberry
Region: Kintamani
The highland plateau of Kintamani, between the volcanoes of Batukaru and Agung, is the main coffee growing area.

Altitude: 1300m

Farm: Subak Abian Padang Payung
“Subak Abian” traditional institution that draws its membership from farmers cultivating plants other than rice. Many coffee farmers in Bali are members of this traditional farming system, based on the Hindu philosophy of “Tri Hita Karana” – according to this philosophy, the three causes of happiness are good relations with god, other people and the environment. Each of these organisations democratically establishes written internal regulations covering aspects of farming conduct, social relations, religious ceremonies etc., and holds monthly meetings.There are several hundred Subak Abian in Bali and there may be more than one in each village. The Subak Abian system is ideally suited to the production of fair trade and organic coffee production.

Varietal: Typica hybrids (S795 and USDA 762)
Generally, Balinese coffee is carefully processed under tight control, using the wet method. This results in a sweet, soft coffee with good consistency. Typical flavors include lemon and other citrus notes.

Process: Fully washed

Roast: Full City

Roast date: 9 September 2011

The M.D.C. team’s tasting notes said “sweet stone fruit acidity, green apples, hints of cocoa notes; medium to heavy body with long pleasant finish”.

Bali Kintamani Peaberry from Papa Palheta's Must. Drink. Coffee. project in French Press
Tried brewing this first in the French Press, as recommended:
Coffee weight: 13g
Coffee grind: coarse on the Hario Skerton
Water temperature: 95°C
Water weight: 150g
Brew time: 4 minutes
Process notes: pre-warmed French Press; circular pour (habit. Also, what else can you do with the Hario Buono? Don’t think it’s of much consequence); agitated grounds after pour

Unfortunately a rather bitter brew with finishing hints of plum, due to my incompetence and the large contingent of fines that managed to settle in the cup after decanting.

Tried again on the Hario V60 in the office:
Coffee volume: 1 cm past the 1 cup mark on the Hario Slim Mill
Coffee grind: 3 notches from the bottom on Hario Slim Mill
Water temperature: hot water from the dispenser
Water volume: 8oz
Pre-infusion: it seemed about 30 seconds – dunno cos two people came to the pantry to exclaim about delicious smell
Process notes: pre-warmed Hario V60, paper cone and cup; pre-infusion (phwoah, glorious blooom); circular pour

I thought the dry aroma was somewhat savoury and could think of no better description than the unfortunate “chicken roasting in oven, sprinkled with cocoa powder, with lemon in cavity”. Brew tasted sweet, clean and soft as it cooled; medium body.

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