Movies They Won’t Make Of Me When I’m Dead

The magic of moving images. But only in the right hands.

And it’s great that Singapore film-makers (including Eric Khoo and Royston Tan) are moving well beyond stilted Channel 8 melodramas.

Sinema Old School Sinema Old School
The workshops organised by Sinema Old School, in conjunction with ciNE65 (by the government central national education body, nexus), and helmed by Nicholas Chee, Jonathan Qidi Goh and Goh Kun Lei, were really great fun.

They walked us through clips from several films to show how story-telling through well-choreographed camera work, show-rather-than-tell sound and thoughtful invisible editing can create an all-absorbing world for the audience.

Thanonchai Sornsriwichai (Phenomena, Bangkok) da man!

Jonathan Qidi Goh and Nicholas Chee, Film-making Workshop by Sinema, ciNE65 Jonathan Qidi Goh and Nicholas Chee, Film-making Workshop by Sinema, ciNE65
There were no recommendations for cameras nor film-making equipment because it was the film-maker rather than the equipment that made a good film. An iPhone was good enough and for everything else, Nicholas said, there was always Daiso (and Mustafa and Challenger).

Pontian Wanton Noodles
Over lunch, a fellow attendee was talking about doing a project on migrant workers – a compilation of photos and their answers to one question. What would be your aim? I asked, migrant worker rights? Oh nothing, she said. Just to inspire. This was the exact word used when Nicholas was talking about the ciNE65 competition – “We are not looking for propaganda; we are looking for short films that inspire. The vocabulary of the zeitgeist is interesting because the word “inspire” on its own is devoid of value. It begs the question: inspire who to do/think what? Or, in this postmodern climate, is it “inspiration” merely a synonym for “Like ” (a subjective personal positive response)?

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