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Evangelicalism and Eccentricity

John Stott and his switch from a butterfly obsession to bird-watching.

from Iwerne: History

E J H Nash (Eric John Hewitson Nash or “Bash”), the man through whom God brought John Stott to himself, was well-known for his eccentricities: his pulpit skills were few and he disliked crowds; was neither athletic nor adventurous, neither musical nor artistic and possessed no masculine panache; was always late; ate his tomatoes peeled and refused to sleep at camps, preferring to bed down in a nearby village in Iwerne (think this was from John Eddison’s A Study in Spiritual Power. To be verified). He also looked somewhat like Mr. Bean, but surely he couldn’t help that.

Still from Vimeo on “Why the Church of England?

Jonathan Fletcher – vicar at Emmanuel Wimbledon and another Iwerne camper, I have been told, is a stickler for punctuality and for people not parking in the public lots outside his house and fairly proud of his  ability to read the Bible  in the original languages and of his tennis hand (he regularly beats much younger men at the game).

This uniqueness could merely be a function of being an Englishman from a certain era, or being shipped off to public school at a tender age (Stott was at Rugby and Fletcher at Repton), the Iwerne influence, or being lifelong bachelors. I’ve wondered though if some of this idiosyncrasy is put-on – so that one doesn’t take oneself too seriously and neither do others, thereby putting the focus on God and the gospel.

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